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PRESS ::: Reviews of BEAT PHARMACY : Wikkid Times Remixes EP

NEW RELEASE on Wave Music :: BEAT PHARMACY :: Wikkid Times Remixes EP
Beat Pharmacy’s ‘Wikkid Times’ album gets the remix treatment from Appleblim & Komonazmuk, John Daly, Deadbeat and Intrusion on this massive EP.

Moeller, whether as Beat Pharmacy, Echologist or his own name, has spent his career releasing on some of the strongest labels in the world. The likes of Rekids, Third Ear, Connaisseur and Echochord have all called upon Moeller’s prodigious, dub-styled talents which is superb testimony to his abilities. Appleblim & Komonazmuk take on ‘Nuclear Race’ feat. Paul St Hilaire first off and create a slow burning dubstep interpretation which layers up gradually from stripped dub atmospherics to a dense, arpeggio laced crescendo. St Hilaire’s vocals drift in and out of the mix which adds to the layering of sounds and creates a mesmerising listen. Irish producer John Daly continues an amazing 2009 with his remix of ‘Time’ feat. Damon Aaron. A lazy house but powerful house beat underpins Daly’s use of chords and stabs while Aaron’s voice is used as an emotive and memorable counterbalance, making it yet another remix hit for the outstanding producer. One half of Echospace, Stephen Hitchell, dons his Intrusion cap for his remix of ‘Sunshine’ feat. Paul St Hilaire. An alias reserved as an outlet for Hitchell’s combination of his love of traditional dub reggae and his more techno excursions, Intrusion means a skanking, white-noise-washed and blissful trip for ‘Sunshine’.

Finally, Wagon Repair artist and engineering wizard Deadbeat carefully twists ‘Ghostship’ and its post apocalyptic lyrics from Spaceape around a low slung house groove. Clattering, loose percussion adds a swagger to cut while subtle, filtered stabs hint at buried melodies throughout. This is a stunning package and features some of the leading lights of dub infused sounds – unmissable.
VISIT WAVE MUSIC to listen and purchase the EP here.

Laurent Garnier
Brilliant remixes . Perfect for the radio and for early dancefloor sessions. Another perfect release on Wave.

Darren House - Diesel / Xpress 2
Excellent. Love Appleblim rmx and John Daly. Good to see Wave doing it.

Josh Wink - Ovum
Deadbeat rmx is the one for me. Builds nicely for a lil' dub groover.

DJ Hell
Killer as always from Wave!

Yannick Labbé - Trickski / Innervisions
Totally lost in dub. Deadbeat mix is my fave.

Luke Solomon
A very "Wave" sounding record... Deadbeat mix grabbed me... will give it a whirl

Ashley Beedle
Love this. The Appleblim and Deadbeat remixes are the killers for me. Big support.

Trevor Jackson
Wave Music is an outstanding label & John Daly made some of the finest releases of 2009, this remix goes to show what an expert he is in atmosphere and solid sublime grooves.

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ADE 2009 :: 365!LIVE MASTERCLASS & WORKSHOP featuring Francois K & Ben Liebrand

On Thursday, October 22nd, Francois will be the featured guest at 365Live's in-depth workshop on music production along with renowned mixmeister Ben Liebrand. Francois will discuss and display will demonstrate how to make a DJ mix for a compilation, with all the bells & whistles, live effects, etc. - not to be missed!

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP [source :] "The workshop program will start in the afternoon with SHARE: Audio Visual Playground: a concept in which many creative artists join forces for a real live jam-session. SHARE offers creative audiovisual minds the opportunity to show everyone with equal interests their raw sketches or complete audio and/or video projects. New ideas and collabs will be formed and eventually everyone will come together to put up a utterly innovating show. These amazing results will be shown in the 365LIVE! masterclass early in the evening. Wanna join and share your creations? Sign up for free at!

After this SHARE workshop, exclusively to these masterclasses, developers of Ableton's new MAX For LIFE software will give a presentation about their new product. MAX For LIFE is the talk of the town in producer land as it allows you to build your own plug-ins (which are used to add extra effects or add digital instruments for example). They even say, a good dance producer is as good as his best plug-in. And now it's possible to create your own! This workshop is a must for the advanced dance producer who works with Ableton Live 8." READ the full article here.

365Live! Workshops // 22 October // Time table

15:00 - 19:00: SHARE - Audio Visual Playground
Sign-up artists: SHARE:
Tickets 5 euro + free UDG DJ BAG :

19:00 - 00.00: 365LIVE! Masterclass with ABLETON, BEN LIEBRAND AND FRANÇOIS K
Tickets 8 euro + free UDG DJ Bag:
Door-sale: 10 euro

Tickets: 10 euro:
Door-sale: 14 euro


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REVIEW :: BEAT PHARMACY (Brendon Moeller) Remixes & Versions

CHECK OUT A REVIEW OF BEAT PHARMACY [BRENDON MOELLER] WIKKID TIMES Remixes & Versions on You can listen & buy the album on

"Stellar remix overhaul of Brendon Moeller's recent Beat Pharmacy opus Wikkid Times—and how could it be otherwise with the likes of Minilogue, Deadbeat, and Intrusion helping out? The “protest” lyrical dimension that guest vocalists Spaceape, Ras B., Damon Aaron, Coppa, and Paul St. Hilaire brought to the original's dub-techno grooves is still present, albeit refracted through the diverse approaches of the remixers.

Some of the treatments are clubbier than others, with producers like John Daly and XDB keeping their eyes squarely focused on the dance floor, and, as usual with such affairs, certain tracks stand out from the crowd. Making good on every one of its ten minutes, Minilogue's “Rooftops” version escalates gradually from an introductory percolating thrust to a storming dub-house throb that pretty much buries Coppa's vocal (“Make me need freedom for my mind / In these wicked times”) under its driving bass lines and heady dub atmosphere. Deadbeat (Scott Monteith) opens his magnificent “Ghostship” remix restrainedly, allowing the focus to remain squarely on Spaceape's vocal (“Deliverance and retribution / is the new constitution”), but then unleashes the track's tribal-dub broil at the two-minute mark (don't miss the beautiful break that hiccups thirty seconds later). Drenching Paul St Hilaire's vocal in an ocean of vaporous atmosphere, Stephen Hitchell works his customary Intrusion magic on the languorous “Sunshine”; Applebim & Komonazmuk, on the other hand, pair St Hilaire's voice with a furiously pulsating dubstep groove in “Nuclear Race.” Headhunter gives his “Strangers” remix a powerful yet understated dubstep thrust that doesn't get in the way of Spaceape's politically-charged lyrics (“Speak to me of language and violence / Speak to me of voices burdened with silence).

Elsewhere, Irish producer John Daly gives “Time” a clubby and soulful house makeover, “Backwards Never” becomes shuffling tech-house swing in XDB's (Metroloux Records owner Kosta Athanassiadis) hands, and Ramadanman (David Kennedy) gives “Piece of Mind” a funky skip that ends the album on a positive note. A few of the tracks, while decent, don't justify their ten-minute running times. Ras B.'s voice echoes through the clouds during Quantec's overlong dub-techno treatment of “Hope & Frustration,” while Marseille-based Teddy G. opts for more of a loose, jam-styled approach to his jazzy dub-funk handling of “Assassination of the Mind” (love that clavinet)."... Continue to read the rest of the interview at


REVIEWS :: JOHN DALY :: Sea & Sky on Resident Advisor

John Daly's new album Sea & Sky (Wave Music) has been getting stellar reviews. Check out the latest feature on here. You can peep the album here.


REVIEW of John Daly : Sea & Sky in TIMEOUT NEW YORK

Big shout out to Bruce Tantum for the review of John Daly's Sea & Sky!